Response Paper #4 & Extra Credit #3

Response 4

Write an interpretation of Ursula LeGuin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.” Writing an interpretation is essentially literary argument.  You have to pose an opinion of judgment about the meaning of the story; then, you must give evidence that supports your opinion.  Le Guin’s piece is satire of a sort, social commentary.  In addition to your basic argument, you must also establish links between the allegorical nature of the content of “Omelas” and our own world. This is a standard length response paper: 10 point Times New Roman font and fill the page.

Due date: 12/04/12

Extra Credit #3

Write an interpretation of Doctor Horrible Sing-Along-Blog. Basically, follow the same directions as the “Omelas” response. (Worth 30 points)

Due date: Last day of the semester

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