Essay #4: Narrative Argument

The first thing to remember about this essay is to relax and have fun with it.  You will write a narrative (story) which contains an argument.  Obviously, you must first have an idea of what the argument is going to be before you can write the story; however, you don’t have to have it all thought out.  In subsequent drafts your argument will take shape, especially after the workshop.  Look to the stories and fables in chapter 9 for ideas.  The narrative is part 1.  Part 2 is an examination of the narrative argument.  Your narrative and examination should be 2-3 pages each (for a total of 4-6 pages).

Here are some tips:

Narrative:  Every narrative has certain qualities that makes it a narrative.  The major thing that makes a story, the thing a story cannot do without, is conflict.  You must have some kind of conflict in order for the narrative to be a narrative.  You’ll find this is central to the argument.  Other things to consider for narratives are characters, plot, setting, and point of view.  All of those contribute in different ways to the vibe and interpretation of the story.

Examination: You need to identify the central argument in your story.  Clearly explain the situation, how the narrative works, what elements are significant, what you think is effective, how the reader should interpret the story, and elements you have put in to make sure there would be little or no chance of a misreading.  Be sure to identify and defeat any potential fallacies or counter-arguments your opposition can point out (the defeat does not have to be absolute; and, if you think a defeat is unnecessary, you can say so, but you must state why).

One last thing: Make your story a science fiction piece based on something inspired by Physics of the Future.

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