Response Paper #1-3

Response #1:

Write about your impression of man’s dependence upon and use of technology.

Here are the requirements (and these go for all 5 response papers):

  • For the response papers, everything will be single-spaced in Times New Roman 10 point font.
  • Put your name in the upper left hand corner; then, hit return once.
  • Give your paper a title (centered); then, hit return once.
  • Indent the beginning of the first paragraph and all subsequent paragraphs (one hit of the “tab” button will do that).
  • At the end of a paragraph, hit return once.
  • Write until you have a full page.  I deem a page full when writing covers 3/4 of it.
  • Be sure to have a decent thesis, and support that thesis throughout your paper.

As per our syllabus, this response is due next Thursday, 09/06/12.

Response #2:

Write a carefully constructed response to an editorial about a subject within the current presidential election.

Use the above requirements for formatting.

As per our syllabus, this response is due Thursday, 09/20/12.

Response #3:

Watch either the first presidential debate or the VP debate (which airs Thursday night (sorry for putting Wednesday)).  You should be able to find the full debates on several sites (including YouTube) right after they air.  Respond to one area of debate presented.  You may respond to either or both of the candidates, the nature of the question as posed by the moderator, the nature of response by either of the candidates and/or the moderator.  You can take a side and further the argument; oppose a side and take path; or, you can take an entirely new position that differs from anything mentioned.  Whatever you do, make sure your focus is narrow.  In other words, don’t try to hit up the economy in broad strokes (the economy being a broad subject); instead, focus on a narrower subject within the broad category, such as specific taxes (raises, cuts, or no action).  Be sure to investigate your topic fully, and argue carefully.  Since you’re not on the spot, you have time to actually flesh out your ideas.

Response #3 is due Thursday, 10/18/12.  Don’t worry about syllabus changes; I give myself and the class plenty of leeway when I create them.

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  • tarryn luafalemana  On October 2, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    hi professor hector, im really confused on what I am to do to catch up on my assignments.

    • analogmage  On October 7, 2012 at 10:07 pm


      You just need to do the assignments as listed: Response papers #1 & #2 and Essay #1. Follow the directions contained in each entry. Email me to get questions answered in a timely fashion.

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